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Judgement Recovery

1. Debt Collection and Judgement Enforcement

Types of Collection we provide:

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Non Sufficient Funds (otherwise known as NSF Checks or bad checks).

In this case you have to send a specific letter to the person who wrote you the bad check to make a proper legal case to recover your money. Often with the proper collection efforts, we can recover your money without litigation. In either case, we will prepare you to win your case in court and recover your money.

Your client placed a stop payment check, after they received what they wanted from you. The stop payment must be for a legitimate reason. We can help you negotiate with your client to get your payment. This is done in a very specific, legal way. We must establish that the stop payment was not for a defective product or service. We will do this using specific types of letters and carefully worded telephone calls.

Some companies will not pursue an invoice if the amount is under $500.00, because it is not cost effective -- until now! Times have changed. Collectrix will pursue collection on invoices that have not been paid as agreed, whether the Debtor is a national company or an individual. Outsourcing the collection department ensures that it will not cost more to collect that the invoice is worth.

Collectrix will pursue Debtors who have been evicted and collect the back monies owed for rent and/or damages to property. For a complete eviction, you need to seek a competent Attorney who knows the local rules where your property is located. We have a list of vetted Attorneys with whom we have worked, who would be able to help you. We will assist you in finding an appropriate Attorney for your particular situation. Please call and we will be happy to provide you with a list and some guidance.


A tenant who owes you money usually falls into one of these categories below.

I. Debt Owed (Collections):

Tenant left after the 3-Day Notice, but before Unlawful Detainer ("UD") papers were filed. In this case, you can still use the civil or small claims process, depending on how much money is owed, but can no longer pursue the UD process.

II. Case Dismissed:

This means that you can no longer use the eviction process, however, it does not mean that you cannot collect the back rent/damages to your property that is owed.

III. Default Possession Only:

The tenant left after you filed your UD action and the Court awarded you a Default Judgment, usually because the tenant did not respond to the summons and complaint, or the tenant left before the court trial/eviction process was completed. Whether the tenant filed an answer or not, we can help you. A possession only judgment is just that, possession only, and there is no money on the judgment. This is not to say that the tenant does not owe you money for back rents/damages to the property, but the court has not legally recognized that the former tenant(s) owes you any money. With a possession only judgment you have to go back to the court and request that money be added to the judgment. We suggest that you use the same Attorney who did the eviction to add money to your judgment. If you want Collectrix to add money to your judgment for you, we will do that for a nominal fee.

IV. Money Judgment:

The Court has ruled that the tenant owes you money and the Court, tenant and everyone recognizes that you are owed money. Collectrix has the resources to pursue the money owed on your behalf. With the appropriate legal paperwork/documentation, and an Agreement between you and our company, we are able to take full advantage of the legal, and credit reporting systems to find and pursue your ex-tenant to make them pay.


*If you do not know where your former tenant moved, we can use skip tracing to find them.

**If you do know where they are, we can “ask” them to pay you, and then take steps to secure your legal right to collect the money owed to you.

***If the tenant is still on the property, and you are looking for an alternative to the eviction process, we have a few legal strategies/methods to assist with collecting the back rent/property damages owed to you without going through the formal eviction process. It is not guaranteed that you will collect your money, nor get your tenant to leave, however, we have had great success in the past.

Lending money can be a great way to grow it, or to help out a friend. Yet sometimes times things go wrong and you do not get your money back. Some of my clients have sued and have a Judgment yet need help collecting. Other clients do not know where to begin. Collectrix can help you in either case.

a) Judgment

With the correct paperwork/documentation and an Agreement between yourself and our company, we are able to take full advantage of the legal, and credit reporting systems to find your ex-borrower and make sure the borrowed money is returned.

b) Collections

If you have not been to court yet, you may need to go to court to get your money back. We understand that loans are made in different ways: Some use a Promissory Note, some make loans via check, and others provide cash with a verbal agreement. In whatever manner you made your loan, we can help you!

NOTE: IF you have a Promissory Note in place and your debtor still does not want to pay, we encourage your debtor to pay through legalistic letters, telephone calls, and in-person visits. If these actions do not result in payment, then your debtor may be forced to pay via formal legal action.

There are numerous ways to turn your outstanding debt into a Judgment. Once you have a Judgment, you may be paid from the debtor's assets. We understand these complex processes and connect them all together for you. This is what separates us from other collection agencies and judgment enforcement companies, which are not able to take you the entire way through the legal maze.

1.) Judgment

The Judgment for an automobile accident falls into two categories: Under $500.00 or Over $500.00. If it is over $500.00, the law allows for additional legal remedies and pressures against the judgment debtor. In either case, we will assist you.

2.) Money Owed

If the driver or owner of the automobile owes you money, you might have to go to Court to collect it. Depending upon the amount you believe you are owed, you could represent yourself, or you might need to get a personal injury Attorney. Sometimes, we can collect without litigation, other times you have to go to Court to receive a formal Judgment to force them to pay. Please call for a complimentary consultation to determine the best course of action in your particular circumstance.

The owner is responsible, and should pay for damages that the dog has caused you. Most dog bite cases have already received a Court Judgment, whereby the judge has awarded money for the victim. If you have not been to Court, you can still get money for your injury, however, there may be a discrepancy between what you think you are owed and what the dog owner thinks you are owed. This can vary greatly. We will do the negotiation for you, but a Court Judge is usually involved. We will look at your particular case and give you an idea as to how a Judge might rule in your circumstance.
The labor board tries to collect and if they cannot, they turn the Judgment back to you. If the company is still in business, then there are legal methods that may be used to “convince” them that paying you is the best option. If the company has dissolved or been bought out by another company, then it is difficult, if not impossible, to collect this debt. We would have to look into the business structure to determine the best course of action for you.
Auto dealerships take a check as a down payment and the check bounces. Renters provide a refundable down payment and do not get the place. People pay a down payment on an item and never receive that item. These are some of the types of cases on which we are working currently, and with which we have experience. The remedy is specific to the type of down payment you made and to whom you made it. With some cases, we drop by the company with a formal, legal Demand Letter. In other situations, we call and send a Demand Letter. Still others, we have to investigate the debtor’s legal standing as to why the debt was not paid. After speaking with you, we will determine the best solution to use for your specific situation and set of circumstances.
This is the most challenging of collection processes because there is no formal proof. Perhaps it was a friend or family member and they promised to pay you back. You lent them money and now they will not return your telephone calls. There are numerous actions we can take to help you collect your money. We will need to build a case for you. If you follow certain steps, as we delineate, we can take a verbal agreement to court and win. We will need to analyze your situation and set a course of action specific to your particular set of circumstances.

2.Reminders Program

Our Reminders Program was developed with the business owner in mind.  When you are running a small office, you might not want to pay a person to make your reminder phone calls.  We will have a person call on your past due invoices, late payments, or appointment confirmations.  We have developed this program especially with you in mind.  We will have a person who professionally represents your company interact with your clients/customers.  Telephone calls can be made during or after your normal business hours and will be performed according to a script that you write or we write on your behalf.  Please call or send an e-mail to:  Reminders@qyzen.com.

Current telephone calling hours are 3:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.  You may pick one of the plans below for this service:

1.  $8.00 per hour — Appointment Confirmation Calls
2.  $6.50 per hour and 5% of the collected amount — Collection Calls
3.  $8.00 per hour and 1% of the collected amount — Collection Calls

There is a one-hour-per-month minimum charge for the services listed above.  There are no advance fees required and there are no set up fees, nor termination fees involved.  These particular collection calls are geared for your clients who have promised to pay, but need to have gentle reminders.  It is not meant to be part of a formal collection campaign.

Please send an e-mail request to:  Reminders@qyzen.com.  We will go over the entire process and answer all of your questions.  Do not wait to start collecting on what you are owed — They owe it to you, and you owe it to yourself!