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Judgement Recovery

Over the years we have worked with many diverse companies and individuals, from large corporations to hair salons and construction companies, from the corner liquor store to the large non profit. Some of the companies with whom we have worked over the years are listed below for your perusal. No individuals are listed due to privacy concerns, however, if you would like to speak with prior clients, we will share some of our references upon special request.

If you currently transact business with any of these companies, please feel free to speak with them about our services. If you are not currently doing business with any of these companies, and would like to speak with any of them, please advise and we will provide you with the appropriate contact information.

Ninety percent of our business comes from referrals from prior customers and clients. People we have collected for, and even people we have collected from, have sent us business! We graciously accept referrals — they are always welcome.