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Welcome to Judgment & Debt Recovery Services

If you are reading this page I will presume one thing, someone owes you money and you want it back. That being said, there are two very distinct types of debt and therefore to distinct ways to collect, Debt Collections and Judgment Collection or Enforcing.

Debt Collections

Debt Collections consists of people or companies that owe other people or companies money. Whether it be an unpaid invoice, or bowered money, NSF checks or property damage. You believe someone owes you money and you think they should pay. The other person "debtor" may, or may not agree with you, but for some reason he or she has not paid. What can be done? We do collection calls, letters, and report the default on their credit report.

Judgment Enforcement

You have been to court and the Judge ruled in your favor. You then have asked the Debtor to pay and they might have said "I don't care what the judge says, You ain't getting a dime out of me." or in most cases they just go into the woodwork and you never hear from them again. The collection process could include bank levies, wage garnishments, asset levies as well as Order of Examinations, and skip tracing. There are ways to "take" the money owed to you, and there are other ways to encourage someone to pay. Most of this collection process involves the courts, sheriffs and process servers.

There are ways to turn your outstanding debt into a judgment and then taking that judgment and get paid from there assets. That is what separates us from other collection agencies and other judgment enforcement companies. We understand both processes and can connect the two.

How do I get started?

Collecting on a Judgment

It is a relatively simple process to get started. We must have a copy of your judgment; your legal right to collect the money owed to you by using the court system. The courts are very particular about paperwork, and there are other state and federal laws we must follow. If your judgment is in Alameda County all we need is your case number. If your judgment is out of Alameda County you may email, fax, or mail us a copy of your judgment. If you can not find your judgment we can research it for you for a small fee. I would also ask that you would you give us some basic information to help us get started. Click Here for a quick questioner.